Kimber Onstad

 "Karen and Shauna we're an absolute dream to work with. we had previously tried to buy a home with a different realtor company that left us homeless and very cautious of hiring another realtor. Karen constantly put our minds at ease and made the process a whole new experience for us we are so happy with our home and how easy the process Karen and Shauna made it!! "

Lisa Kron

 If you are searching for a realtor, I just had an amazing experience with Doug N Karen GeorgeKaren!!! I only post if I have had an outstanding experience. To me it is important to recognize great service, because there seems to be less and less these days. I need to give a big shout out to Karen George. 1st of all she has touched our family in ways she may not even know , that I know, and Karen does not do it to be noticed. She does it because that is who she is. I personally met Karen when my husband hired her to sell our home. My husband was then killed in a car accident. I was unable to take care of some situations in my life. Karen took care of everything for me and my son in reguard to our home. She also made sure we were not taken advantage of. Many people tried and she had the knowledge to prevent this from happening. She is kind , caring and full of energy. Gives Watford City a run, highly driven (like myself) so I love that about her. She drove when I couldnt!!! Thank you Karen!!!! Great experience and thankful our paths crossed 

Trudy Taylor

 Karen George is such a fantastic realtor!!! A huge asset to this area! She sold our home the same day she was hired!!! She is a go-getter!!! No job is too big or too small for her! I can't say enough about her!!! 👍 


Alvey Family

 We bought our dream home through Karen George. She was such an amazing woman to work with. When I think of her, I always see her beaming smiling face. And to top it off, she brought by the sweetest thing for us post-closing as a thank-you. I see it everyday and it reminds me of the great experience. Thank you, Karen. You’re a gem in this town.
Love, The Alvey Family 🥰